commercial & Residential Mudjacking

Commercial &
residential Mudjacking

Mudjacking is the process of raising and leveling sunken or settled concrete as near to its original position as possible. Sidewalks, driveways and garage floors can become cracked and unleveled due to factors such as soil erosion, freezing and thawing beneath the slabs, shifts in tectonic plates and other various conditions that cause the ground beneath concrete to settle, sink or otherwise deteriorate. To raise the existing concrete, our team drills a series of 1 inch holes around the fissures and then pumps a slurry material beneath the cracked concrete slab. This process allows us to position the raised concrete correctly and add patching material via the drilled holes between the sunken ground and the existing concrete. Once the patch has hardened, the leveled and realigned concrete will be as stable as the other surrounding slabs.

Mudjacking is an affordable alternative to replacing cracked sidewalks, garage floors, foundations and driveways. The cost of raising settled concrete is approximately 50% less than the cost of replacement.

Mudjacking is often overlooked, but very viable solution for commercial operations. Cement on the outside of a facility such as sidewalks and driveways if uneven can be a tripping hazard for customers and employees. Keeping your concrete surfaces level is an important safety practice.

Additionally we often fill voids and raise slabs inside of warehouses and facilities with cement floors. Mudjacking is an ideal option because of the limited mess, short amount of time as well as reduced cost in comparison to other solutions.


Advantages of raising

over concrete replacement

Saves Time

Work is completed in hours – not days

Saves Money

Generally 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of replacement

Minimal Disruption

Very little mess or downtime and no re-landscaping

Green Solution

Eliminates landfill waste and will not damage the environment

Reliable, Long-lasting

Mudjacking an existing slab is beneficial, as aged concrete is tougher than a newly-laid slab, plus has already settled

Maintains Original Look

No trying to match new concrete to old, which darkens as it ages, so this is usually impossible

I cannot say enough about how pleased we are with the way our driveway, step and sidewalk turned out. Matt is one of the hardest working, most professional contractors I have ever worked with!.

Ron - Moline, IL

Job ended up costing a little more than anticipated, but this was due to large voids. Just glad they didn't short cut the job, I'd rather pay a little more now and know it was done right

DAN - East Moline. IL

I couldn't have asked for anything better, very satisfied, turned out perfect. Matt and his employee did the job right and didn't leave until it was perfect. I know it will last!

Gregg - Hampton, IL

Matt was wonderful to work with and we would definitely recommend him. He was prompt, professional, and the bid was extremely accurate. He took care of our needs around business hours and was very friendly and personable.

Adami Insurance Agency - Rock Falls, IL
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